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Love without doubt when you find the true person that owns your heart 🥰🥰❤️❤️

Love without doubt when you find the true person that owns your heart 🥰🥰❤️❤️

Valiant Love

You may think at times the world is strange 

That things just fade away as summer

That life means nothing to you 

Today, I watch the stars coming together 

And the sunrise awakened hours

in the dream, we loved each other 

I didn’t know whether to scream 

Her perfect body which seem warmth with joy.

I stumbled, trembled, dribbled and almost hit a stone.

But your soft skin rescued me

I could not escape your valiant love

You poured your passion

You smeared the scent of your body

which made me angry to take revenge 

The revenge of your love

The revenge to love you and have you in my heart 

You made me blind and lame

That I could not see in order to escape 

That I could not walk away from your pure love

You imprisoned me and cared for me

Which glued me to your passionate and genuine love.

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What's the reason behind valiant love,what motivates u to write this and lastly why u title it *valiant love*
???? first of all Valiant is also fearless or bold, that is taking a bold step to do something so it can also mean fearless love so and I chose the title Valiant love because, I chose love over fear. The reason behind me writing this poem is that, you should love genuinely when you meet the right person without doubt and do not let old memories get the best of you. I wrote this this poem when I was in senior high school so what motivated me is when my friend expressed her genuine love between she and her fiancé, I got to know love is a beautiful thing
U made me blind and lame I could not see in order to escape,my favorite part. Good work done.
Good luck dear ❤️
Thank you dearest